Auger Troughs and Liners

At John Baasch Augers, we fabricate top quality u-troughs, flare troughs, auger trough liners, and a variety of related accessories, including end plates, downspouts, lids, and more. 

Custom Fabrication

John Baasch Augers specializes in CEMA or custom fabrication. Our capabilities allow us to fabricate auger troughs to each client’s unique specifications. 

Industries Served

John Baasch Augers fabricates auger troughs, liners, and accessories for applications in a vast array of industries, including but not limited to:

  •    The agricultural industry
  •    The concrete industry
  •   The ethanol industry
  •   The meat packing industry 

Why Choose John Baasch Augers?

When you need troughs or liners, turn to John Baasch Augers.

  • We are capable of producing in mass quantity
  • We can produce all trough and liner accessories, including end plates, downspouts, lids,  and hangers
  • You can purchase a complete auger system from John Baasch Augers
  • We carry a stainless steel material option
  • We carry high wear AR material options

We manufacture the following products:





End Plates









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