The Benefits of Helicoid Flighting

Augers play an essential role in myriad industries. They keep operations running smoothly in the agricultural industry, the ethanol industry, the manufacturing industry, and everything in between. Augers can be used for a vast range of applications, each of which has its own specifications.

At John Baasch Augers, we manufacture multiple types of auger flighting to make sure that every customer can find flighting to fit their needs. One of our primary offerings as a leading auger flighting supplier is helicoid flighting.

Helicoid flighting is produced by cold rolling steel into a continuous helix with dimensions that fit a certain set of specifications. At John Baasch Augers, we use a special chemistry strip steel when manufacturing helicoid flighting. The flighting is hardened during the production process, resulting in an end product that is excellent for a wide range of applications.

There are several benefits to using helicoid auger flighting. One such benefit is reduced lead time. The process used to create helicoid flighting is less time consuming than many other production processes, which means that we at John Baasch are able to provide quick turnaround on helicoid flighting orders. Another benefit of using helicoid flighting is affordability. Helicoid flighting is a cost effective alternative to types of auger flighting that are manufactured using a more complicated production process.

 Helicoid flighting can be produced quickly, and for a low cost, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s an inferior product; helicoid flighting from John Baasch Augers is strong, reliable, and well-suited to even the toughest applications.

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